What care does a heterogeneous beard need?

Tips to fill in the gaps and make your beard appear denser.
Christina Farazi  Christina Farazi
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Rule One: The hair on the face grows differently than hair, which lengthens constantly without stopping at one point.

Rule two : You can't cut the hairs on your face faster, but you can make them look denser.

Rule Three: There are three factors that give the illusion that one's beard is getting faster: the color - darker hair looks denser -, the diameter - thicker hair also than thin -, the density - thicker beard face fast, they do not grow faster.

Rule Four and Last : The belief that the more often you shave them the more they will grow is a myth and has not been scientifically verified.

After sorting things out a bit in your mind about what the length and density of the beard is, let's see what you can do if you have a non-uniform beard. Here are tips and tricks to fill the gaps and make your beard appear denser and even.

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Let your beards grow
As mentioned above, by constantly shaving your beards to grow, you will make a hole in the water. You will only get a beard if you let it grow. So get rid of the razor and let the hairs rest for about a month. Usually, within at least four weeks or so, most beards begin to unite and gradually acquire a uniform shape.

Don't neglect their shape
Do not hurry to get the trimmer in the bottom of the cupboard, as it will be very useful to delineate the shape of your beard neck and cheeks. What you need to remember is that in the neck the hair requires trimming and discipline in a U shape along the jaw that starts under one ear and ends up in the other, two fingers above the apple of Adam. Whatever you remove removes it with the machine or razor.

Keep in mind, depending on the shape of your face, you must also give the right shape to your beard. That is, if you have a round face, you prefer a square erase, whereas if you have sharp angles, it would be good to cast a vote of confidence in a more round erase.

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He diminished their longevity

To do this, use a pair of scissors to remove anything that flies instead of a trimmer, which is more likely to go wrong when you're not a professional. Remember that the shorter the hairs on the cheeks, the sharper the contrast of the empty spots with the full.

Give it a bold shape

As you know, chin, upper lip and neck hair grows faster than in temples and cheekbones, so it would be good to bring everything in the same length to delimit the area, giving it a bold, aggressive shape. And we explain: Shave with the razor the upper part of the cheekbones - that is, the gap effect is larger - forming a diagonal line that joins the ear lobe to the point that the mustache joins with the beard.

Keep face clean and exfoliate
Clean skin speeds up hair growth, so make sure you wash it with a mild facial cleanser twice a day, morning and evening, and once a week to exfoliate to remove dead cells, improve circulation. blood and facilitate hair growth and good health.

Try a product that nourishes the hair
A natural solution is castor oil, a vegetable oil derived from the seeds of the tropical Ricinus plant, used in cosmetics and shampoos, as it enhances the density and growth of hair.

Get expert advice
The best solution is to consult your barber / hairdresser first, trust his or her experience and see together how you can best camouflage the problem.

A man's roman beard, a well-kept tip!

I have a mustache, a huge chill out to my chin ... A man once has a romance for a beard. The beard supplements the disadvantages of the face and also changes the impression, but it is not easy to realize the beard romance. Because of the nature of Asians, not only do not the beards grow in abundance, but they are also seen in the process of growing up. When I look in the mirror, I do not think I should have raised my beard to do this.

Beard romance is really just a romance?

Through an open survey, 200 men asked if there was a romance for the beard. The respondents who said that they would like to grow a beard but it is difficult to try.
The process of raising the whiskers is really high. Even if you do not shave for a few days, it will be like a man with a sad story. In addition, Asians do not have a lot of thinning unlike westerners, and it is not easy to manage their beards gently. In recent years, there have been a growing number of men who have been implanted with beards or using hair extensions. For men with a romance on the beard, I learned the common sense needed to grow a beard.

Could I grow my beard, or do I grow up?
Q. I want to grow a beard, but it grows thinner.

If you decide to grow your beard, use a 3 mm or 6 mm beard hair clippers, often called a "barricade", to shave steadily for a month or two. The beard grows a little bit differently at different speeds, so you can feel the density of the beard denser after a month or two. If the density of beard is high but it is thinner, try dyeing the beard in dark tone if you are worried. There is an effect that seems to be more abundant.

Q. Can I use a hair growth agent if my beard does not grow in abundance?

Anyway, it is advantageous for a man with a hairy body to grow a beard. However, it is not too bad to try using the hair extensions if it is too thin. It is recommended that you use basically one product for up to 3 months because different products are different for each person. If it still does not work, the product is not compatible with you, so please replace it with another one. In addition, since the product is directly contacted with the skin, it is best to stop using the product if skin trouble or irritation occurs.

Q. I left the beard unintentionally and it looks dirty and dirty.

Beard length is usually 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm is usually managed as. But if you cut more than that, you need to trim it with scissors instead of a beard hair clipper so you can manage it neatly. Also, when designing a shape in the process of growing a beard, it is necessary to balance the length of the beard a little bit differently for each part. For example, if the mustache is 3mm, the length of the beard is 6mm.

How to grow the beard:

Commit yourself to the growth of your beard
Your beard will not grow overnight, so if you decide to let it grow, you must commit and accept the process. At first it is uncomfortable, you feel a little weird, your face itches. It happens fast, but if you do not mentalize before it happens, the most likely thing is that you end up abandoning the idea of ??letting your beard grow.

Take care of your body
The health of your beard is directly related to that of your body in general. So take care of your body, macho.

There are some things that will particularly favor the growth of your beard, such as:

Exercise: it will favor the general circulation of blood in your body, and it will better reach the skin of your face, irrigate the hair follicle and make your beard grow healthy and strong.
Rest: during the sleep cell regeneration occurs, and the growth process of your beard depends on it.
Eliminate stress: as it especially attacks the growth of hair and hair, leading even to the fall of them.
Eat balanced  to achieve the general health that we talked about, and integrate some of these foods into your diet, as they are rich in nutrients that promote hair growth:
Proteins: chicken, eggs, fish, red meat, legumes, yogurt, milk, cheese
Seeds and nuts: almonds, peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, sunflower seeds, flaxseed
Fruits: apples, oranges, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, papaya, lemons, limes, kiwis, pomegranate, avocado, pineapple
Vegetables: cabbage, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts
How to grow the beard
Let your beard grow calm
When you stop shaving, the first month will give you the feeling that your beard grows without control or meaning. You will feel the temptation, during the first weeks, to want to give it shape, with a trimmer, or going to a barber, hoping that this will help you to give it a more stylized finish.

At this point in your growth, if you cut it, you will be weakening your beard. Let her continue to grow, and she will do it quickly. When you have reached the barrier of 4-6 weeks, you will notice that your beard has softened, then it will be time to shape it.

Take care of the skin of your face
Itching is one of the most uncomfortable side effects during the first weeks that you leave a beard. These arise because the hair makes its way through it with great force. Washing your skin to remove dirt and bacteria and hydrate it with specific products will be the key to combating the initial itching. Also, you will be creating a habit, and that is the beard, you will have to take care of it every day.

Once your beard reaches a certain length it softens, the skin becomes accustomed, and the itching disappears. Bearded word.

Help your beard grow
There are cosmetic products that can help you grow your beard. In our case, the Lumberjack Growing treatment is an oil formulated with essential oils that not only hydrate your skin, but also stimulate the growth of your beard. The essential oils of coconut and jojoba return to your skin the elasticity and nutrients that it loses throughout the day, and the essential oil of rosemary stimulates the blood circulation in your face favoring the growth of your beard.

Oil for the growth of the beard 1977 Lumberjack Growing

Brush your beard
From week 3-4, when your skin has become accustomed to the beard, and it has a length that justifies it, start brushing it with a specific brush, if possible from boar spines. This material is seboregulador, with what it will help you to maintain the fat of the skin in the right measure.

In addition, with brushing you will be able to train each hair, the repetition will tend to come out in the direction you want, and not shot anywhere, and disguise the bald spots (yes, almost all of us have them).

Beard Brushes Macho Beard Company

How to grow the beard

How to grow a beard? Why does not my beard grow evenly? What can I do to grow up where there is not? Are there recommended products to make the beard grow?
These are just some of the (many) questions that recurrently make us in relation to problems related to the growth of the beard.

The answer is often simple, take care of it and above all it persists, it persists again and has a lot of patience with it. A large beard is not a matter of weeks or a few months.
Every man is a world and that is why every beard is unique. There are many factors that depend on having one type of beard or another, and many of them are related to genetics itself.

The main main responsible for the growth of the beard (and many more things) is a group of hormones called Androgens .
Androgens are the male sex hormones and within this group are included hormones such as Testosterone and Androtestosterone.
It is precisely Testosterone, which is responsible for activating the follicle-stimulating hormone ( FSH ), which will ultimately be responsible for regulating the growth of facial and body hair of our body.
However do not be fooled, a higher hormone level of testosterone does not necessarily imply a higher density of facial and body hair.  It is rather the sensitivity (or level of tolerance) of our own body to changes in the level of testosterone, which will determine whether we have an overpopulated beard or a beard with lower hair density.

The why there may be areas of our face with hardly any hair while in other areas we wear an enviable beard, it has nothing to do with our hormones. Do not confuse hair density with the strength of the beard.
The pattern of growth and distribution of hair on our face (as in our body) does not depend on hormonal levels, but is determined by racial factors, and within each racial group by genetic factors .
And that, unfortunately you will not be able to change it, but beware, it is not a drama and it happens to all the big bearded ones .
If there is an area of ??your face that lacks a hair follicle , you will not be able to generate it naturally, but do not worry there are solutions.
Yes, all (and believe me they are all) the beards are so capricious , they will do what they think convenient, but you will always be able to use the following tricks and tips to tame it and be able to have a perfect beard even if you have areas without hair.

# 1 Let it grow freely (and pretty).
It will surprise you like a beard with bald spots or clean areas, it improves as the length of the hair increases.
Depending on where the hairless areas on your beard are located , they can go completely unnoticed with an adequate beard size. If you doubt, look at the previous image ... there you have a great example;)
Let it grow, that is, in this phase you recommend  (and we will never tire of recommending you) the use of a good oil and  beard tonic that will free you from itching and help you to hydrate both the hair and the skin.

# 2 Lavala with a Beard Soap with Conditioner.
Use specific products and quality for the beard , you will notice right away. A soap or shampoo for beard will remove all the dirt lodged in the hair follicles leaving free route to a more explosive growth of facial hair.
Always massage your face gently and deeply while applying the soap, and always opt for warm water by pulling cold , so that the freshness stimulates the blood flow in your face.

# 3 Comb your beard regularly.
A good hairstyle or brushing in the direction of natural growth of your beard is essential, will activate the facial blood flow that will bring a much healthier appearance to the hair of your beard.
If your beard is already long enough, comb it so that you complete and fill (at least a little) those areas where the capillary density is lower.
In addition a deep brushing with a comb (better antistatic one) of quality, will eliminate dead skin cells under your beard and will oxygenate.

# 4 Water for your Beard.
Drink regularly (without going through). A simple sensation of thirst is already the first sign of a slight dehydration, and before it, the body's blood flow is reduced (and if you notice, the cheeks are the first to notice it turning pale).

# 5 Sleep in key Barbuda.
"The dream is food" , I will never forget that phrase they told me when I was little (and what reason I had), and also for your beard.
Sleeping is key, it is during a healthy sleep when the body takes advantage to increase its hormonal activity.
Remember that among those hormones is  a great friend of your beard : Testosterone. If you want to help grow your beard ... Sleep in key Barbuda !.

# 6 A Beard needs a balanced diet
Your beard also benefits from a balanced diet that favors the production of testosterone.
From the type of foods that benefit our beards we will speak in another moment, now just keep in mind that foods rich in Vitamin C favor the production of the hormone friend of your Beard .
Watch yourself and maintain an adequate weight , body fat is your enemy as it tends to raise the levels of estrogen (female sex hormones).

# 7 A Bearded One does not get overwhelmed.
Avoid (I know, it's complicated, but do it as much as possible) tensions and stress, any stress situation forces your body to produce a hormone (cortisol) that inhibits the production of testosterone.

# 8 A Bearded man never compares himself to another.
Each beard is unique , pampers yours and learns to accept it as it is, we assure you that if you do it will give you great satisfaction.

# 9 Stop smoking, listen to us ...
Wearing a perfect beard is a great excuse to stop smoking. It is proven that the bad habit of smoking accelerates aging, makes the beard suffer , provokes a greater fall of the hair, alters your diet eliminating the diminishing the sensation of hunger. Without those "desire to eat" your diet will be more unbalanced. You need the vitamins and minerals that a balanced diet provides, your beard will notice (right away).

Cut the Beard so that it grows

No miracle pill or grandmother's remedy will ever change your genetics (the hormonal factor), but you can find out how to cut your beard often to make it grow to the best of its ability. This is the only chance you can play today if you have the right tool in your hands and you know how to use it. The barbers and stylists around the world say it, the best even in terms of honesty. In short, do not dream: open your eyes in front of a large mirror and get busy.

First of all, get rid of the urban legend that has always spread the false belief that the more you shave, the more cuts and more hair is strengthened and thickened . It is false, it is pure illusion, so cutting the beard often does not make it thicker and will not make it grow back faster, faster or more evenly and homogeneously.

Shaving as much as you can not give you more hair than Mother Nature has given you: you have a number of hair bulbs on your face just as you have a certain amount of hair on your head. You can't transform your genetics but you can improve your appearance , yes.

If you are bald you can decide to do a hair transplant; if your beard is sparse (or grows patchy, perhaps due to stress) you can cut it in the right way (working on shades and style, not on the amount of shaves).

Even for the beard, you could resort to a transplant of follicles from the scalp to the face but it is an expensive technique so, before making drastic choices, experiment with style.

How to cut it to make it grow in an orderly way
The first concept to understand is that a beard cannot grow where it is not growing, it is a fact. So if there is not on the sides of the mouth, on the chin or on the cheeks, there is no miracle solution. Mother Nature certainly did not give me a great deal of facial hair but, on the other hand, she gave me a lively and enterprising mind. I try to exploit it also to make the most of what I have , deciding not only the style of my short beard (of which, today, I am proud) but of the whole, of my total look, from hair to clothing and to the care of the whole my person.

The style does not focus on just one element of ourselves, is consistent, harmony. Harmony is something you have to work on, you get it at the exact moment you accept yourself by accepting the challenge of improving.

In two words, you can improve as much as you want but you can't be different from what you are. Anyone with character to sell knows it and plays with it, dominating the stage of his life.

The barber who knows a lot
The best look . Better for you that you choose one style rather than another, even better if you invent a style without referring too much to what you see in barber's catalogs, online or in everyday life.

Your barber . Close the catalogs, sit in front of the mirror and look him straight in the eye, talking about yourself, how you are, the style you want. Let me observe not only the lines of your face but what you transmit through the look, the gestures, the smile. You don't have a very thick beard but, in the end, you like it that way. This is a good starting point to improve.

You like yourself as you are, but you want to shape your substance . This is, after all, the true meaning of ' improving '. You've read all about ' how to cut the beard to make it grow' , you've scoured every link that talks about it on the Google search engine, but relying on an expert's observation, hands and tools is different. You shaved, shaved to the point of nausea: the beard always grows the same.

It is longer but the hairs, more or less (of course, you have not counted them), are the same and do the usual effect. They fill your face enough, enhancing the light color of your eyes, your pronounced mouth. Now, you have to thin out or highlight here and there . You already have an idea of ??how to do it, but with your trivial razor you can't invent anything.

Your barber has already in mind how to proceed. He is holding a machine that does not look like a razor. What's this? A professional beard trimmer and clipper .

It shows you the fleeting brand (it seems a little jealous of that thing). It's a Panasonic ER-GB70 with 38 adjustments. "He can cut hair from 0.5 to 20 mm in length, " he says. He also admits that - knowing you for a couple of years, looking at your way of dressing, moving and thinking - he has a precise idea of ??you. What you expect from yourself.
Barbers and stylists generally need to know the basics of psychology.

Feeling full and light
While your barber starts working on you pruning at the corners of his mouth and enhancing the goatee, shaping here and there, you envy him. You envy his agile and self-confident hand, armed with an instrument that moves lightly with its precision trimmer . You wonder if a beard trimmer like this Panasonic is 'reserved' only for professional barbers or if you can buy it and study it, as soon as you set foot outside your club. Of course you can ... While it distracts you from this idea to keep an extra customer, you are advised to use a mild shampoo that does not dry the skin and softens the beard.

You could also comb it in the opposite way to give it more volume, once the job is done. The expert 'lightens' some areas with the regular beard, outlines others; save certain points by leaving your beard as it is (just a trim, a cut).

Your beard takes shape and looks thicker. It is always the same but the style is shaping the substance. Interesting ... exciting. It will be the suggestion or the satisfaction but it seems that it doesn't even bother you anymore. No, it's not suggestion: the old fox cleaned it well, removed dust and residues, dried it perfectly. When the work was finished, he applied a light oil , specific for beard. Itchy because the skin was dry, the beard removes moisture from the epidermis. If you keep your skin healthy you will also gain a healthy beard, which you now show off with great pride. It's a bit like teeth and gums, their synergy.

You look in the mirror and do not regret having been patient for 4 weeks to grow your beard enough and fix it, adjust it and finish it in one way or another. Remember all the steps, you carefully observed all the barber's moves: you will know how to repeat the operation. All you have to do is get the tool, the Panasonic ER-GB70.
You feel light but also full. Strange and beautiful.

The remedies that help stimulate growth
About orgasm: if someone recommends you try Minoxidil, a substance that stimulates the growth of the beard due to its vasodilator effect, know that the abuse of this product could cause burning and eye irritation, itching, dandruff , but also dysfunction erectile, decreased libido .

Your doctor will not even recommend testosterone : it is bad for your liver. It's better to focus on style, don't you think?

There are other ways, effective and natural, to stimulate growth: folic acid (vitamin B9), biotin (vitamin H), vitamins ACE-B5, arginine, hyaluronic acid . All natural substances that also help hair health a lot and far from harmful. They are found in nature, are present in some foods. Do a good internet search and find out what foods I'm talking about.

To grow a beard in a healthy way , now I'll explain to you what oil your barber used (he always talks too little to support himself): the best shaving oil is vegetable, rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids. Gently massage it on the face: this operation also stimulates hair growth by promoting circulation.

Relaxation and physical activity are two other good habits that are very useful for improving blood circulation .

I give you another serious advice, since I myself have to face the unpleasant and painful problem of ingrown hair (folliculitis). From time to time, use an exfoliating cream to remove dead skin and prevent ingrown hairs from snacking. If you have any, insist on exfoliating to lift these growing hairs by bending over themselves inside the epidermis: once they are raised, you can get rid of them using tweezers sterilized with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol.

Use the beard trimmer every 5–10 days to renew your style (or change it if you want) and keep your appearance flawless. Just a jolt, from time to time, to grow a healthy and vigorous beard.

How to grow a beard?

There comes a moment in the life of every man, when he decides to grow his beard and see - just out of curiosity - how he will stand with his beard. If this time has come for you, then welcome to the club! However, if shaving is a "simple" thing, just pass the razor when you want, growing a beard requires a routine of its own.

Man Beard - Article Summary
How to grow a beard
Know what goal you want to achieve
Avoid the bushes
Keep it, even if it grows
Essentially clean and soft
For you who want a thick and high-impact beard, here are some tips that will help you

You have to consider the type of beard that fits your style. Look in the mirror, look at your face: what shape does it have? Your beard should make your face  as oval as possible  . So, if you have a square or circular face - as wide as it is long - then you grow a beard that adds some length, keeping the sides tidy. If you have an oblong or rectangular face - longer than it is wide, with less graduation than the one with an oval face - then you don't want to add much length to the beard. Instead, make it develop on the sides, so as to make them fuller to lessen the length; this will make your beard appear more symmetrical.

The most common mistake is to grow a beard without any maintenance. Yes, it will take time and, yes, you will not cut it every time you get used to shaving, but your appearance will be better if you get your beard continuously.
An important part of this process is to avoid any cleavage and keep a defined neckline. You will still need your razor to clean up those hairs on your neck; this is the easy part.

The neckline, however, is where a lot of kids ruin their beard growth: the beard should be full to the jaw and below the chin. To find out where to cut the neckline, take two fingers and place them over Adam's apple. Draw an imaginary "U" that goes from the back of each ear and hits this point.
Cut everything below this line entirely; will create a perfect cleaning zone for continuous beard maintenance. (The good news is that after the first shave, everything will become simpler. You will continue to shave the unwanted hair that appears under this "U").
You can take shaving scissors or use an electric beard rule. For the first time my personal advice is to have the area to be kept clean, and then to think about cleaning yourself.

The rest of your beard will also require a regular cut. Not all hair grows at the same speed, moreover you will have to make it grow deeper in some parts than in others (taking into account the shape of the face).
Once the beard begins to look shabby, after it is full enough in the cheeks and chin, take a comb or a beard brush and gently pampered, it will greatly help the growth and softness of your beard. These simple gestures will help the cut, so as to have a uniform beard and show which parts of the beard have grown longer or faster.
Cut out your beard as desired, once again, keeping in mind the face shape and the most optimal beard style, and repeat the cut once every two weeks so as to maintain a constant length. It is important to do this periodically as the beard grows, to maintain a well-made appearance throughout the beard growth process.
The mustache requires more precise maintenance: comb the hair on the lip and cut it with the scissors of the mustache (which will work well even on all the stray hairs of the beard).

If you're going to grow a beard, then you'll want it to be as soft as possible. To keep it healthy, wash your beard with a dedicated shaving shampoo and condition it daily with a shaving oil, which adds nutrients and keeps it soft. Use the beard comb to evenly distribute the oil over the entire board. It is a daily and fundamental process, without taking care of the beard, you will not be satisfied and you will want to cut it.

You will have understood that to have a beard of great impact, you will have to devote the right attention to its care.
Remember, cut the superfluous, oil, comb and brush, wash and use the right conditioner.
You will see that you will have a beard to make anyone envious

You can also think of using products to grow a beard

How to stimulate beard growth: 6 things you need to know

The relationship of a man with his beard is always a bit of love-hate: to grow a nice full and full beard is the dream of many; considering also that taking it long is the latest fashion, here are all the concerns on how to make it grow.
As we all know, the growth of the beard can be something really frustrating because the hair grows slowly or, worse, patchy. We are not talking about when they are the first times we pass through this ordeal - as a teenager it seems that the coveted beard no longer strikes. So how to grow a beard faster?

Here are some tips for having a top beard.

How to stimulate beard growth

What NOT to do to stimulate beard growth
Unfortunately there are no magic solutions, we must above all be patient and not run to cut the beard: an average beard growth time is 4-6 weeks, so cutting it first would not allow you to understand what kind of beard you have and how to best manage it. Cutting it frequently would only lead you to have stiffer and harder hair, but no longer thick or "faster" in growth: it is a false myth and, despite the first two weeks you will be very tempted to scissor, hold on until it is uniform. He is also wary of those who propose hormonal treatments: it is true that if the beard does not grow the "responsible" is probably testosterone, but increasing the amount in the body is very dangerous because its abuse leads to serious effects on the liver, metabolism, sexual sphere, etc. In short, better than not.

3 tricks to stimulate the growth of a bushy and well-groomed beard

Scrub and moisturizer against itching and irritation
When you decide to grow a beard, in addition to hiding scissors and razors, you need to take into account a certain amount of discomfort, given by the itch: yes, the hairs that emerge from the skin will want to make you scratch the whole face, but this can cause the hair follicle to fall and then ... goodbye homogeneous beard. Hold on, and maybe try to facilitate the growth process by having a facial scrub , in order to remove dead cells and facilitate hair loss; another good practice is to constantly moisturize your face to avoid redness caused by irritation.

Eat healthily! 
Another factor to watch out for is nutrition: a healthy beard is part of a healthy body, so what and how we eat also affects its growth, so much so that it can be an indicator of vitamin deficiency. What in fact maintains healthy beard (and hair) are the B vitamins, in particular B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 ??(pyridoxine) and B7 (biotin): they are found in abundance respectively in yeast of beer, dried mushrooms, fish, brown rice, but also in eggs and cereals. Of course, if we really can't get the right amount of vitamins we can always use supplements.

Pamper your beard
Finally, a month has passed: now you can get an idea of ??what your beard is like and decide which style to adopt based on your characteristics. Start making those gestures that will soon be a habit, comb the hair to direct them and apply a shaving oil  that will make them soft and shiny. The best time to do this is in the morning, after washing the face, when the pores of the skin are open.
You can also start cutting your beard , not to shorten it but to give it a shape: for those who are beginners this step can be difficult, so relying on a professional barber could be the best choice.
What if I have holes in my beard?
grow long beardThe good news is that it is the holes in the beard that are completely normal , the bad is that it is a genetic factor - did you look at your father's or your brother's beard? -, concerns the hormonal level, so there is not much to do. But if it's your "first" beards, don't worry! Slowly its growth will be more homogeneous, don't be in a hurry. In any case, if you find yourself with some ugly hole in the structure of the beard, the best thing to do is to let the hair grow around it more and then brush it to cover the empty spaces.

To sum up: to have a beard worthy of a hipster you need to have a lot of patience. It is not a fast process and miraculous do-it-yourself remedies are to be avoided; instead you have to take care of it immediately, moisturizing the skin of your face and creating the shape that suits you best.