As a man, you're worried with how to grow beards? This article is for you!

It is reasonable to say that a man will have a long beard when he reaches a certain age, but some people just don’t have a long beard, or even a man’s beard. So, how do men have a long beard? Today, Adaqi teaches you how to grow a man’s beard.

How to do a man with a beard, how to have a long beard
Here are the steps to follow

  • Men's beards are less common in two situations, either genetic or insufficient secretion of androgen.
  • However, each man’s Huzi is quite different. Some people have thick beards and some are sparse. These are the differences under normal conditions. The number and shape of Huzi are related to the nationality and related to the family inheritance. normal.
  • The difference between a man's beard or a long beard is the difference between the human body. Just as Yao Ming can grow to 2.26M, other people will not grow, so you don't have to worry, don't use your brain.

How do you have a long beard? 

  1. Add androgen: Egg shrimp, sparrow meat in the Chinese medicine are all kidney and impotence food, dog meat, lamb can also supplement the body's essential androgen, help the long beard
  2. Using ginger to wipe the position of long hair, this effect is slower
  3. Apply Adaqi Plus Hair Essence directly to the place where you want to have a long beard. Stick to it and your beard will become more and more.


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