How to make a beard grow dense and dark?

  It has been 4 years since it was stored. From my experience, if you don't have the blood of the Central Asians, it is difficult to form a natural beard. The Mongolian race and the southern Han people are characterized by light body hair. I am 50% of the Han nationality in the southern Han nationality, so naturally this inherits this feature: no chest hair, less body hair coverage. But I managed to cultivate a thick beard ------- although not black, but some yellowish or even red... 
There must be two steps in the beard: 
1. Playing the foundation
2. Raising the beard1.

1. The basic part of the game requires you to shave constantly, preferably every day.

  •  The main reason why the beard is not strong enough is because the hair itself is weak and sparse. Only a thick beard can look thick. 
  •  Shave with a safety razor or blade. Although a small wound may be left, the blade will penetrate deeper into the root of the hair. Each time it is a direct stimulation of the hair follicle, so that the hair that grows next time is stronger. (People who want to stay in the big corner can also try) 
  •  Do not recommend ordinary razors, this thing is dangerous, and requires skill to master, a little careless is the neck.
  •  Remember not to use an electric shaver because it is not strong enough and it is not cool at all.
  •  Use foam, otherwise the skin is likely to be scratched. Buying shaving foam is an easy choice.With a certain hardness and a thick beard, you can start to prepare to keep it long. This is the step to raise the beard.

2. The part that raises the beard needs to work hard on shaving and trimming. There is no shaving or bearding business in our beauty shop, so you need to master it yourself.

  •    During this time, you can cultivate the fun of shaving with soap bubbles: foaming your face with a beard brush and soap, some tricks but not difficult to master. The beard brush made of bristle can massage the facial skin and stimulate your hair follicles. Even if you don't shave these beards, they will be stimulated to stay strong. You will fall in love with this feeling. 
  •    Choose a shape that you like: the shape of the whisker is generally not too exaggerated, because the beard is a long-term process, you can not replace it often. According to your own preferences, you can decide three parts: lips, chin, and two. In general, it is good to leave 1-2 areas in three locations and make sure they maintain the same style:

As you can see, I stayed with Petit Goatee, which was Van Dyke at the beginning of this year. c. Trimming is a process that is carried out at any time with the beard growing longer. In most cases, the part you need to store will grow quite unknowingly, because we shave every day, and the beard does not take care of it every day. So basically once a week, you need to make sure your beard is not out of shape, use scissors to cut off the growing part. Because the beard is stronger than the hair, you need to buy a scissors for haircuts instead of hand scissors. d. Pay attention to the nutrition of the beard, which can make the beard straight and not easy to fall off. Generally, aftershave or aftershave cream can play this role, and it can also prevent shaving wound infection.


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