Why don't men have long beards? Fast long beard recipe

   1, the oil is too strong

    Excessive oil is also an important reason for not having a long beard. Imagine the blackheads on the face below, and you can understand the principle of not having a beard. Excessive secretion of oil, dirty things clog pores, leading to normal growth of whiskers.

    2, the pressure is not good

    When a person is under stress and the mental state is not good, resulting in poor blood circulation, pores shrinking, the beard begins to die, causing men to have no beard.

    3. Congenital inheritance

    Congenital inheritance is not caused by too little androgen secretion, and can not be treated with hormonal drugs, which is not solved by daily care products.

    How to fast long beard

    1. Use a razor to scrape. The more you scrape, the faster you will grow.

    2, the essence of the beard is keratin protein, keratinocytes are filled with keratin composed of a variety of amino acids, so the diet should pay attention to the supplement of protein and trace elements, currently based on feedback from users to take more beef, mutton, seafood and other foods It will help.

    3, pay attention to the law of work and rest, to prevent hair loss. You can also use ginger or Adaqi to spread on the beard to promote the growth of the beard, or use it on the eyebrows.

    4, eat more pork loin and other stab into the body of male hormone growth food, eat less MSG. Eggs, shrimps, and sparrow meat are all foods for kidney and impotence in Chinese medicine. Dog meat and lamb can also supplement the androgens necessary for the body, and help the long beard. It is also helpful for chest hair and eyebrows.


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