12 steps to grow a beard

It may be the extra thing that makes some guys want to grow the ultimate beard. A long beard to the bottom makes people turn around. And that's pretty good when you're on a bike and a beard hangs behind you and floats in the air. For some guys, the long beard gives a feeling of power, wisdom or what they think is cool. And in a way, it can also indicate that they are patient, dedicated and want to follow their program even when it is not always easy. Here's how to grow a beard and also prune it.

Low temperatures and high winds can wreak havoc on a beardless face. Rather than taking the bite of winter, you could use the cold as an excuse to grow a beard. Many mammals see their hairs grow in winter, so why not those of humans? Why deny the hairy beast that sleeps in you? If you are unsure of the proper method to grow your beard, putting your razor away is a good start. Leave your modesty. . speak out.

If you dream of growing a beard that helps you stand out from the crowd, you are in the right place. It will take you a long time to have a longer beard than Sarwan Singh, who holds the Guinness World Record, but it's worth a try. Singh's beard was measured during a shoot in Rome, Italy, on the set of "Lo Show dei Record". And it was a huge beard with a length of 2.36 meters.

Whatever your reason for growing a beard, it's possible.
You just need to devote time and follow several wise tips to promote the natural growth of the beard. If you want a long beard, you will have to impose a moratorium on shaving. But that will not be enough to grow your beard at breakneck speed and in fact, each person's beard hair grows differently depending on different factors.

 Follow these tips to grow a beard .. Yes a longer beard:

1. Prepare to face the inappropriate comments
For some men, the biggest hurdle to beard is facing the taunts of friends or loved ones. You must be prepared to undergo comments such as

"It's dirt on your face? "
" You forgot a piece hugging you? "
Enjoying the non-shaving November or Movember is generally a good opportunity to defuse such comments. You could also try something like:
"I just wanted to wear a beard during the winter"
"This winter is going to be awfully cold"
Even if you live in Florida, your country charm will put an end to the question and you will be able to leave it free -to the expression of your beard. Forget others and keep in mind that it's your face and your choices. The others do not have a say.

2.Provide tools of good quality.
Most experienced bearded people will tell you to let your beard grow without any restraint for at least 2 weeks before attempting any discipline. You will have succeeded in putting together the right tools when the right time comes. The essential tool is the beard trimmer, preferably one that has several accessories such as hooves of different sizes and various heights of cuts. You will also need a good comb, a pair of scissors to equalize, well sharpened, and a good beard oil that will give softness to your hair (see below).

3. Be patient
To grow a beard is mainly a matter of patience. You must be indulgent with your nascent beard: you will not be able to look like Gandalf in just a few weeks. To give your new bard the soul of a real beard, wait at least a month before you decide to shave it. This is only a matter of a small month in your life, and you will have the opportunity to learn about your body at the same time.

4. Use beard oil.
It is mandatory. Believe us. If you do not use a beard care, your beard will become dry, similar to pubic hair, and itchy. To avoid this, the best thing is to wash your face regularly, applying a good beard oil at the end of your facial, while your pores are still open. Beard Baron is a very good beard oil that effectively loosens your follicles. The worst period in terms of unpleasant squirrels occurs during the growth period, during the first 2 weeks, so hang in there!

5. Adopt your mane
Many men see their craze curbed by the slow growth of their beards or by the emergence of funny drawings on their faces. As you probably have a very clear idea of ??what you expect from a beard, you will inevitably be disappointed by the growth of your mane. Anyway, you have to learn to adopt your mane because it's a part of yourself. You are a magnificent beast inherited from prehistory and men of the woods. There are a thousand and one ways to beard: no matter how your beard will grow, you will find a way to make it look beautiful.

6. Shave the neck.
The best way to stay nearly presentable when growing your beard is to avoid lengths in the neck. However, avoid shaving your neck too closely as you may damage your lush beard. Level the area under your chin about 3cm above your Adam's apple. The best way to have a beautiful beard as glazed as possible, is to create a contrast between shaved parts and hairy parts. So, people will know that you take it seriously.

7. Shave the cheeks.
Shaving your cheeks is essential to give a real shape to your beard. Again, you do not want to do too much: use the razor only to remove hair that resists a little too much in the North region of your face. If you have a certain resemblance to Chewbacca, you will need to take drastic measures. Shave your cheeks on the underside of your nose.

8. Wash it very often
Washing your beard every other day prevents itching and keeps your beard attractive, soft and shiny, like the sea after a storm, to use a more manly image. Your usual soap may dry out your beard, causing itching and irritation. Some shampoos and conditioners work very well, but it is better to use real products dedicated to the beard. Brush your beard with shaving oil after each wash.

With care and patience, your beard will make Father Winter pale in person. As soon as spring comes to your nose, your beard and you have gone through great adventures together. You can then decide to keep your new friend hairy to seal your union. That's what's good with beards: they grow with you.

9. Improve your diet .
The hairs on your beard are made of protein. Fill your diet with healthy protein, including egg whites, lean meats and vegetables, which gives your body the protein you need to improve your beard and grow it faster.

10. Increase your testosterone .
The safest way to do it and do weightlifting. Stimulate your muscles with exercises such as crunches and lifts and purify testosterone emissions to help build muscle and protein metabolism that also help grow and repair hair.

11. Go to sleep .
You need an average of 7 to 8 hours of sleep for cell growth and repair. Sleep contributes to the healing of muscle connections and promotes growth, especially of your hair.

12. Trim a long beard
How to prune a long beard? Here's an epic video that will help you. Do not forget to choose one of the best beard trimmers .


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