5 tips and tricks to grow a beard

It's been 3 months since you started to grow a beard. At the beginning, you would say to yourself: "Come on, in 1 month, my hair will have grown at least 10 cm already".

3 months you expect her to grow up. But yet, on your side, it is nothingness, your hairs seem to no longer want to take length ... Help!

Hey no worries guy's! To grow a beard takes time, and then you know, you have to follow certain steps to get there. Like anything else I want to say. It would be a bit like wanting to lose weight by eating every day at Quick ... It does not make much sense. To lose weight, you need tips and tricks to achieve this.

Well to grow a beard, it's exactly the same! At some point, you'll need explanations and tips to help him save a few inches. You may be surprised, because they are not necessarily tips that we expect. But hey, if they work, that's the main thing.

The role of genetics
Before I talk to you about some tips and tricks to grow your beard, I'd like to reveal a little secret, which you certainly do not know. Although growing the beard faster naturally is possible, it is basically a question of genetics. Eh yes ! It's true that it may seem strange, but "it's family" as they say. Understand that heredity plays a really important role in the growth of your facial hair.

So of course, that's not everything, and you can be an exception. But look at the men in your family and how their beards grow. You will already have a good indication of what is waiting for you to grow yours!

Some tips for beginners
If you are thinking of growing a beard while you are reading this article, and do not have any hair on your face, remember these tips.

First, one to two times a week, try to exfoliate your face, that is to say, to remove the dead skin. For this you can use a brush , mask or exfoliant that will be suitable for beards and men.
Then keep your skin clean. And besides, this is also valid for those who already have a beard. This helps to grow the beard. For that, do not hesitate to use a soft soap and appropriate to your skin, so as not to attack it.
To begin to grow the beard consistently and harmoniously, also check on your face that there is no ingrown hairs. This could create an uneven imbalance in your hair.

Tip # 1: Care for your face
We've just talked about it, but keeping your skin clean is really important for growing a beard. For that, do not hesitate to use a shaving soap , or a beard shampoo . Thus, you will wash not only your beard, but also your skin.
Moisturizing it, for example with castor oil , can also promote hair growth. It's true, it's true, it takes a little effort all that guys. But if you really want to wait for your goal, and grow your beard, you'll have to get started!
In order to grow faster, you can also test eucalyptus-based moisturizers such as creams. Indeed, eucalyptus is known to promote the growth of hair, whether hair or beard. You can also opt for essential oils made from eucalyptus.
But beware, as a fervent advocate of the natural, I can only advise you to choose natural care (no additives, or chemicals), or natural and organic products. Of course, the second option is ideal.

Tip # 2: Do not shave or trim your beard
I know, it makes sense not to shave to grow a beard. But I assure you that some men still think that shaving often ends up promoting hair growth in the long run. But this is a misconception. On the contrary, when you start to grow your beard, you must stop shaving completely, even if it may seem ugly or messy at first.
It's like hair. If you want them to grow, do not cut them. With the beard, it's the same. Even for pruning, do not do it in the first few weeks. Wait at least 4 to 6 weeks before you can put a little order in all this. The most important thing at the beginning is to let everything grow without touching anything, so that your beard grows naturally, without any intervention on your part.

Tip # 3: a good dose of sleep
To grow the beard quickly, or at least faster, you must also rest properly. "Uh, concretely, what is the relationship between sleep and my beard? ". Yes, I understand your reaction. It's a little weird. But anyone who knows the science of the body will understand the report directly.
In fact, it's super simple to understand. You have to sleep properly every day because rest is restorative, and it is well known. But it is not only restorative for your body, it is also for your beard. During this phase of rest, the cells that are damaged on your face will be better repaired than if you were awake. Therefore, your hairs will normally grow better. And sincerely, sleep is good for you, for your lifestyle, and for your health. So do not deprive yourself, and sleep at least 7h to 8h per day to recover well.

Tip 4: a good diet
You know, our body is pretty fascinating. A little nothing can change a lot of things. And this is the case of food. If it is not good and adapted, it can be a cause of stagnation of growth of your beard.
To grow your beard more quickly, choose foods containing vitamin B1, B6 or B12. Also prefer foods rich in protein such as fish, meat, nuts, or eggs
And of course, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. They are full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are needed for your hair to grow.

Tip 5: Manage stress
I think you already know it. When you're stressed, your hair tends to break and fall faster. Well for the beard, know that stress is also a brake to its growth. So avoid too much stress and think of something else. To de-stress or relax, think for example to play sports.
It's quite impressive, but doing physical exercises will help you improve blood circulation in your face.


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