Hair growth and sideboards are strongly influenced by two types of hormones, testosterone and DHT ( DiHydroTestosterone ). DHT is a sex hormone that contributes to hair growth, fertility, muscle development, and so on. Every man has both types of hormones, where the more you have, the more hair and beard you will have.

The presence of a beard in your body is normally influenced by genes. For those of you who are looking for ways to grow your beard easily even if you don't have the shaggy gene, don't worry. It can still be done anyway. This time Mas Kulin will thoroughly peel various tips on growing a beard that works for you.

Benefits of having Brewok
Benefits of Having Brewok - Getting More Intimate with Couples
Before going into how to grow a beard, maybe some of you think what are the benefits of having a shag for men. When you have a beard, you should automatically be prepared with the consequences of keeping and maintaining your beard to be neat and healthy every day. If not, then the consequence is that the sideboards actually make your appearance look negative, not positive.

To strengthen your commitment to grow and maintain a beard, Mas Kulin will share some of the benefits of the men in the shag:

1. Looks more masculine
Brewok is believed to be one of the symbols of masculinity by the general public. Therefore, there are many brands of products or services related to men's lifestyles using a beard or silhouette in their logo. For those of you who feel rather feminine or want to look more macho, sideboards are one of the best alternatives to increase your masculinity value.

2. Make a Comfortable Couple
Some women like men who have sideboards. The reason is because it can be stroked, looks more macho, and gives a different sensation in kissing and sex. Indeed, not all women like bearded men, so for those of you who already have a partner, try to consult with your partner first. It's not funny if your partner turns out to be allergic to your beard and ask for a break??

3. Look More Adult
The presence of sideboards can make a man look older and more mature than his appearance. For those of you who have a baby face face type and want to look more mature, sideboards are one of the most effective solutions. For those of you who work in a corporate environment and want to be on top of your career, appearing more mature with sideboards is an advantage that can help you there.

How to Grow Brewok Naturally
Just like how to straighten hair for men , there are two common ways that you can quickly grow a beard. The first method is natural, so the possibility of an allergic reaction can be minimized. Here are some ingredients that you can use to naturally grow your beard:

1. Pecan oil
How to Grow Brewing with Pecan Oi
For fans of sideboards, of course, you are already familiar with hazelnut oil. This oil is believed to be the most nutritious natural ingredient compared to other organic ingredients to grow beards. You can get candlenut easily from traditional drug sellers or buy it online.

The way to use hazelnut oil to grow the beard easily is as follows:

  • Wash your face clean with cold or warm water
  • Apply enough candlenut oil on the neck, chin, and cheek area
  • Let stand for about 30 minutes
  • Wash and wash your face again until clean
  • Do this twice a week. The results will be seen in 2 to 4 weeks

2. Butter
How to grow a beard with butter
Do you know that in the past, butter was believed to be able to nourish hair? Even though butter is rarely used as a natural ingredient in hair fertilization, butter is still believed to be efficacious for growing beard. This is because butter contains many proteins that are useful for hair growth.
One important thing you must remember is that butter is different from margarine. Butter is processed from cow's milk (animal fat), while margarine is vegetable fat. Check the information on the packaging carefully, whether it's butter or margarine.

The steps to using butter to grow the beard are as follows:
Wash your face thoroughly with cold or warm water
Apply butter to the cheek area, neck and chin (or the area you want) just thinly
Let stand for 30 minutes then wash again with clean water
Do this before bed so the results are more maximal
You can do it regularly every day until the results are clear

3. Shrimp Eggs
How to quickly grow a beard using shrimp eggs
If the two previous conventional natural ingredients don't match your skin, then you can switch to a slightly unconventional material. The first natural ingredient is shrimp eggs, especially those that still contain mucus from their broodstock. You can get this material in traditional markets.

How to use shrimp eggs to grow beards is as follows:
As usual, wash your face clean with cold or warm water
Take a handful of shrimp eggs, then apply the egg mucus to the area you want (neck, cheeks, chin)
Let stand for half an hour before washing
Do this regularly every day for 1 to 2 weeks

4. Tarantula
Spiderman in action
Yeah bro this isn't a tarantula. But because the original image can make some readers feel bad, just use the 'countrymen', p: (via coolshop.dk)
Now this one material might sound more extreme, but it is said to be the most effective. But, calm down bro. Don't imagine you let your head go through the tarantula running. What is used is extra tarantula oil, but getting it is indeed easy.
You need to check the emperor merchant in the area for selling traditional medicines. Usually the sidewalk traders sell it. Or, you can also make it yourself with a fresh tarantula. Burn the tarantula and take the oil that appears during the combustion process. This process is a bit complicated, so if you want to be more practical, try looking for the finished ones.

How to use tarantula oil to grow the beard is as follows:
Again, wash your face thoroughly with cold or warm water
Apply tarantula oil to the area you want to grow the beard
Let stand for 30 minutes then wash thoroughly
Do it once a day and see the results within 1 week

How to Grow Brewok with Manufacturing Medicine
The next method is to use drugs or manufactured / synthetic oil (although some still contain organic material). The advantage of using drugs to grow beards is that they tend to be faster than natural ones, but of course the price is more expensive and the potential for allergies is higher.

For how to use, make sure you check the instructions on each product and don't forget to wash your face cleanly before using a shagger product.

1. Oil Growers Brew Commercial
How to grow a beard with cream Wak Doyok
via lazada.co.id
The easiest way, but you need to spend a little extra, is to use commercial oil that is already well-known. For commercial oil growers, the most well-known brands include Wak Doyok and Zam Zam grower. Both of them happen to come from the neighboring country aka Malaysia. If there is time, Mas Kulin will try to make an in-depth review of the product.

2. Minoxidil oil
How to grow the jambang quickly using Minoxidil oil
via mrbundle.co.uk
In addition to the commercial oil above, another type of drug that is loved by Adam for the grower business is Minoxidil oil (sometimes called Rogaine ). This oil is also quite recognized in the world. But there are side effects. When you stop drinking, the growth of the sideboards from drinking will easily fall out. So you need to use this oil regularly.
In addition to the information, there is Minoxidil which is to be smeared (usually called Minoxidil oil) and there are those that are consumed / drunk (usually only Minoxidil). Make sure when you buy Minoxidil, pay attention to how you consume it. The use of Minoxidil is sometimes accompanied by biotin to accelerate the process of growth of the beard.
One more additional information, Minoxidil which is consumed can also be used to treat hair loss .

3. Paradise Oil
How to make a beard grows thick with paradise oil
via yossitrixie.blogspot.com
One more type of medicine that is famous for growing shrubs is Paradise oil. This oil has quite a lot of chemical ingredients such as Allantoin, Resorcinol, and so on. This oil has a method of use and results that are similar to using natural ingredients. But because it has a lot of chemical content, stop using it immediately if allergies arise.

(Note: If there is a short itch, it is still a natural reaction when using a shag grower product. If a rash, itching does not stop, or the skin feels constantly hot, then that is your skin symptoms giving an allergic reaction

Tips for Activities Conducted During the Brewing Growth Process
Both natural and drug manufacturers, there are a number of things you need to do or not do so that the growth of your brewok is maintained. The main key is to stimulate the production of the hormone testosterone is higher than usual, so the growth of your beard can be faster. Check out some of the activities that you can do below.

1. Proper Food Consumption
Tips for growing a beard - Proper Food Consumption
Not only from the outside, but you can also stimulate the growth of beards from the body by consuming certain types of food. Increase consumption of eggs, salmon, spinach and oysters. These foods contain many nutrients such as protein, calcium, and zinc which are useful for hair growth and for the beard.

2. Sleep a lot
Tips for growing a beard quickly - getting enough sleep
Why, how do you sleep? You can't read bro. The body produces more testosterone when you sleep. The longer you sleep, the more testosterone the body will produce. If you have trouble adding hours of sleep, then at least keep it so that you don't lack sleep (at least 7 hours a day for adult men). Enough sleep is also useful to keep the body fresh.

3. Sports
How to grow a beard quickly - Enough exercise
Exercise can also increase the production of testosterone. The type of exercise that most increases this hormone is resistance training, such as lifting weights or swimming. If at home, you can use dumbbells or other heavy equipment. If it's not there, regular sports are pretty good too. Make sure that you drink enough water bro, don't get dehydrated because you force exercise.

4. Don't be shaved too fast
Tips when growing a beard - Don't Shave Too Fast
There is a belief in our society that shaved mustaches and sideboards will grow even denser. The trust has not yet been scientifically proven bro. Preferably, wait until your beard grows perfectly for your shape (generally a month). If you shave too early, later it will grow irregular and you should use the grower ingredients above more often.

5. Avoid stress
Tips for growing the right beard - Avoid stress
Stress is often overlooked but actually has a very high influence on appearance bro. For hair and sideboards, high levels of stress can cause hair loss and suppress testosterone production. Take care of yourself to avoid stress for the maximum growth of your beard.
Now that is the guide to growing beard quickly and easily done for men. Take a good look at the activities you need to do during the application of the grower so that the results are maximal.


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