A man's roman beard, a well-kept tip!

I have a mustache, a huge chill out to my chin ... A man once has a romance for a beard. The beard supplements the disadvantages of the face and also changes the impression, but it is not easy to realize the beard romance. Because of the nature of Asians, not only do not the beards grow in abundance, but they are also seen in the process of growing up. When I look in the mirror, I do not think I should have raised my beard to do this.

Beard romance is really just a romance?

Through an open survey, 200 men asked if there was a romance for the beard. The respondents who said that they would like to grow a beard but it is difficult to try.
The process of raising the whiskers is really high. Even if you do not shave for a few days, it will be like a man with a sad story. In addition, Asians do not have a lot of thinning unlike westerners, and it is not easy to manage their beards gently. In recent years, there have been a growing number of men who have been implanted with beards or using hair extensions. For men with a romance on the beard, I learned the common sense needed to grow a beard.

Could I grow my beard, or do I grow up?
Q. I want to grow a beard, but it grows thinner.

If you decide to grow your beard, use a 3 mm or 6 mm beard hair clippers, often called a "barricade", to shave steadily for a month or two. The beard grows a little bit differently at different speeds, so you can feel the density of the beard denser after a month or two. If the density of beard is high but it is thinner, try dyeing the beard in dark tone if you are worried. There is an effect that seems to be more abundant.

Q. Can I use a hair growth agent if my beard does not grow in abundance?

Anyway, it is advantageous for a man with a hairy body to grow a beard. However, it is not too bad to try using the hair extensions if it is too thin. It is recommended that you use basically one product for up to 3 months because different products are different for each person. If it still does not work, the product is not compatible with you, so please replace it with another one. In addition, since the product is directly contacted with the skin, it is best to stop using the product if skin trouble or irritation occurs.

Q. I left the beard unintentionally and it looks dirty and dirty.

Beard length is usually 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm is usually managed as. But if you cut more than that, you need to trim it with scissors instead of a beard hair clipper so you can manage it neatly. Also, when designing a shape in the process of growing a beard, it is necessary to balance the length of the beard a little bit differently for each part. For example, if the mustache is 3mm, the length of the beard is 6mm.


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