Cut the Beard so that it grows

No miracle pill or grandmother's remedy will ever change your genetics (the hormonal factor), but you can find out how to cut your beard often to make it grow to the best of its ability. This is the only chance you can play today if you have the right tool in your hands and you know how to use it. The barbers and stylists around the world say it, the best even in terms of honesty. In short, do not dream: open your eyes in front of a large mirror and get busy.

First of all, get rid of the urban legend that has always spread the false belief that the more you shave, the more cuts and more hair is strengthened and thickened . It is false, it is pure illusion, so cutting the beard often does not make it thicker and will not make it grow back faster, faster or more evenly and homogeneously.

Shaving as much as you can not give you more hair than Mother Nature has given you: you have a number of hair bulbs on your face just as you have a certain amount of hair on your head. You can't transform your genetics but you can improve your appearance , yes.

If you are bald you can decide to do a hair transplant; if your beard is sparse (or grows patchy, perhaps due to stress) you can cut it in the right way (working on shades and style, not on the amount of shaves).

Even for the beard, you could resort to a transplant of follicles from the scalp to the face but it is an expensive technique so, before making drastic choices, experiment with style.

How to cut it to make it grow in an orderly way
The first concept to understand is that a beard cannot grow where it is not growing, it is a fact. So if there is not on the sides of the mouth, on the chin or on the cheeks, there is no miracle solution. Mother Nature certainly did not give me a great deal of facial hair but, on the other hand, she gave me a lively and enterprising mind. I try to exploit it also to make the most of what I have , deciding not only the style of my short beard (of which, today, I am proud) but of the whole, of my total look, from hair to clothing and to the care of the whole my person.

The style does not focus on just one element of ourselves, is consistent, harmony. Harmony is something you have to work on, you get it at the exact moment you accept yourself by accepting the challenge of improving.

In two words, you can improve as much as you want but you can't be different from what you are. Anyone with character to sell knows it and plays with it, dominating the stage of his life.

The barber who knows a lot
The best look . Better for you that you choose one style rather than another, even better if you invent a style without referring too much to what you see in barber's catalogs, online or in everyday life.

Your barber . Close the catalogs, sit in front of the mirror and look him straight in the eye, talking about yourself, how you are, the style you want. Let me observe not only the lines of your face but what you transmit through the look, the gestures, the smile. You don't have a very thick beard but, in the end, you like it that way. This is a good starting point to improve.

You like yourself as you are, but you want to shape your substance . This is, after all, the true meaning of ' improving '. You've read all about ' how to cut the beard to make it grow' , you've scoured every link that talks about it on the Google search engine, but relying on an expert's observation, hands and tools is different. You shaved, shaved to the point of nausea: the beard always grows the same.

It is longer but the hairs, more or less (of course, you have not counted them), are the same and do the usual effect. They fill your face enough, enhancing the light color of your eyes, your pronounced mouth. Now, you have to thin out or highlight here and there . You already have an idea of ??how to do it, but with your trivial razor you can't invent anything.

Your barber has already in mind how to proceed. He is holding a machine that does not look like a razor. What's this? A professional beard trimmer and clipper .

It shows you the fleeting brand (it seems a little jealous of that thing). It's a Panasonic ER-GB70 with 38 adjustments. "He can cut hair from 0.5 to 20 mm in length, " he says. He also admits that - knowing you for a couple of years, looking at your way of dressing, moving and thinking - he has a precise idea of ??you. What you expect from yourself.
Barbers and stylists generally need to know the basics of psychology.

Feeling full and light
While your barber starts working on you pruning at the corners of his mouth and enhancing the goatee, shaping here and there, you envy him. You envy his agile and self-confident hand, armed with an instrument that moves lightly with its precision trimmer . You wonder if a beard trimmer like this Panasonic is 'reserved' only for professional barbers or if you can buy it and study it, as soon as you set foot outside your club. Of course you can ... While it distracts you from this idea to keep an extra customer, you are advised to use a mild shampoo that does not dry the skin and softens the beard.

You could also comb it in the opposite way to give it more volume, once the job is done. The expert 'lightens' some areas with the regular beard, outlines others; save certain points by leaving your beard as it is (just a trim, a cut).

Your beard takes shape and looks thicker. It is always the same but the style is shaping the substance. Interesting ... exciting. It will be the suggestion or the satisfaction but it seems that it doesn't even bother you anymore. No, it's not suggestion: the old fox cleaned it well, removed dust and residues, dried it perfectly. When the work was finished, he applied a light oil , specific for beard. Itchy because the skin was dry, the beard removes moisture from the epidermis. If you keep your skin healthy you will also gain a healthy beard, which you now show off with great pride. It's a bit like teeth and gums, their synergy.

You look in the mirror and do not regret having been patient for 4 weeks to grow your beard enough and fix it, adjust it and finish it in one way or another. Remember all the steps, you carefully observed all the barber's moves: you will know how to repeat the operation. All you have to do is get the tool, the Panasonic ER-GB70.
You feel light but also full. Strange and beautiful.

The remedies that help stimulate growth
About orgasm: if someone recommends you try Minoxidil, a substance that stimulates the growth of the beard due to its vasodilator effect, know that the abuse of this product could cause burning and eye irritation, itching, dandruff , but also dysfunction erectile, decreased libido .

Your doctor will not even recommend testosterone : it is bad for your liver. It's better to focus on style, don't you think?

There are other ways, effective and natural, to stimulate growth: folic acid (vitamin B9), biotin (vitamin H), vitamins ACE-B5, arginine, hyaluronic acid . All natural substances that also help hair health a lot and far from harmful. They are found in nature, are present in some foods. Do a good internet search and find out what foods I'm talking about.

To grow a beard in a healthy way , now I'll explain to you what oil your barber used (he always talks too little to support himself): the best shaving oil is vegetable, rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids. Gently massage it on the face: this operation also stimulates hair growth by promoting circulation.

Relaxation and physical activity are two other good habits that are very useful for improving blood circulation .

I give you another serious advice, since I myself have to face the unpleasant and painful problem of ingrown hair (folliculitis). From time to time, use an exfoliating cream to remove dead skin and prevent ingrown hairs from snacking. If you have any, insist on exfoliating to lift these growing hairs by bending over themselves inside the epidermis: once they are raised, you can get rid of them using tweezers sterilized with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol.

Use the beard trimmer every 5–10 days to renew your style (or change it if you want) and keep your appearance flawless. Just a jolt, from time to time, to grow a healthy and vigorous beard.


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