How to grow a beard quickly, naturally, and thickly?

Having a thick beard turns out to be one of the obsessions of men in the present. The thick of the beard that grows on the face of a man seems to be a measure of virility for the Adam. Because of this, the thick of the beard has finally become the obsession of many Adam in all corners of the country.

One of the problems about how to grow beards is the absence of the 'gene' goose in most Indonesian people. Maybe if we see those from the western world, the Arabian peninsula, or Latin America, the men in that row of countries are those with heavy hair. Unfortunately, we Indonesians don't always get it. Sometimes there are feathers that are thick, sometimes, even a mustache grows thin.

But for those of you who don't get the 'gen' to become a shag, don't worry. Because the way to grow a beard can be reached by various roads. With this, you can grow your beard quickly, naturally, and thickly.

Approximately there are three pieces of growing the beard that can be taken, ie by growing the beard with natural or only of food, how to grow a beard by applying natural products, as well as growing the beard with the help of products manufactured, in this case, the oil Firdaus or cream Wak Doyok.

Let's discuss one by one, maybe one way to grow this beard is right for you.

How to naturally grow a beard
To take a natural way to grow a beard, of course, we must stimulate the growth of facial hair from the inside. This is done by paying attention to what nutrients we eat every day. Here are some foods that can stimulate the body's fur in your growth.

1. Sardines
Sardines are a type of fish that we easily find and are very practical because they are packed in cans. This fish is a type of fish that is rich in protein sources, which is certainly good for growing a beard on your face.

2. Eggs
Eggs, especially in raw conditions, are one of the foods that are often consumed to build male muscle because of its extraordinary protein content. But in addition, eggs contain vitamin B, which is needed for hair growth. Biotin content in eggs is also believed to be able to grow a beard on your face.

3. Heart
The liver, especially the beef liver, is rich in protein, vitamin A, and vitamin B complex involving B2, B12, biotin, and folic acid. Not only that, but the liver is also rich in minerals such as iron and zinc. The combination of all these nutrients is right for driving the growth of your beard.

4. Grains
Eating grains turn out to be important for hair growth in your body. Grains contain iron, silica, and zinc which can accelerate the growth of your beard and hair. Grains are also rich in vitamin B7 which can prevent hair loss.
Not only that, you can consume oat or brown rice as a way to grow your beard and hair to grow thick.

How to grow a beard with aloe vera
How to grow a beard with aloe vera is one of the easiest and fastest methods to grow a beard. Because the aloe vera can be easily found on the market or even on the home page. Of course before doing step by step about how to grow a beard with aloe vera, you must prepare aloe vera first. If so, let's follow the steps below.

1. Prepare aloe leaves, then cut the center using a knife. Later you will see the inside which is shaped like a slimy jelly

2. Take the inside, especially the mucous, from the aloe vera
3. Then spread evenly on the part of your face that you want to overgrow with a jambang
4. Let stand until the mucus feels dry. This process can take at least one hour, up to 2 hours
5. If it has been left to the point that it dries and waits for up to 2 hours, clean it with clean water
6. Do it regularly to get maximum results

How to grow a beard with butter
Later many say that if you want to grow your beard quickly and naturally, then the answer is to use butter. It looks absurd indeed, but it turns out that there are many who take the method of growing shags with butter, and show positive results.

Actually, if it is drawn into the realm of science, butter is one of the derivative products of milk , and milk is a food that contains high protein. Protein is a nutrient that is essential for healthy growth and feathers. So, butter is one solution to how to grow your beard.

However, you should not be mistaken between butter and margarine. The reason is, Indonesians are not used to using butter in their kitchens. Instead, margarine is the one most used. The difference is quite clear, butter is animal fat derived from milk, while margarine is vegetable fat.

Distinguishing between butter and margarine is actually easy, which is enough with the brand and price. The butter brand is usually Wysman, Orchid, or Elle, while margarine is usually branded as Blue Band, Simas, and ForVita. Butter is more difficult to come by because you have to hunt for a cake shop or go to a large-scale supermarket. While margarine, you can get it at a grocery store or mini supermarket. The price of butter is also relatively much more expensive than margarine. So, don't be mistaken for using margarine to go through the way to grow this beard.

The following are the steps and how to grow this quick and easy beard with butter:

1. Wash your face with a facial wash or facial soap that you normally use
2. When your face is clean, apply butter on the face point you want to grow the beard
3. Let the butter stand for at least 30 minutes
4. Clean or rinse your face with a facial wash until the butter fades
5. Dry your face

How to grow a beard with butter can also be applied before going to bed. So after you do a routine of washing your face before going to bed, just spread the butter thinly on your face, then let it sit until you wake up. Rinse your face while taking a shower in the morning.

How to grow a beard with candlenut
Pecan is a material that has a good reputation as a traditional hair grower. The efficacy of pecan is proven to be able to grow and thicken hair in infants and adults, treat hair loss, and grow mustaches, sideboards, and Bambang. Of course, we can apply the method of growing a beard with candlenut if you want to have macho feathers on your face.

But you cannot immediately make candlenut ingredients to grow the beard. You have to turn it into hazelnut oil first. How to make pecan oil is actually quite complicated because it takes a long and tiring process. Usually, people directly buy ready-made hazelnut oil in pharmacies or online at various e-commerce available in Indonesia.

So, before taking the method of growing a beard with candlenut oil, make sure you have the hazelnut oil in your hand. After that, let's follow step by step how to grow a beard with candlenut:

1. Clean the face with a facial wash
2. Apply hazelnut oil on the face point you want to overgrow
3. Massage slowly until the oil sinks in
4. Let stand for 30 minutes
5. Rinse your face with a facial wash to remove the remaining oil

How to grow beetroot with paradise oil
In addition to the various natural methods mentioned above, how to grow a beard can be done by applying factory output products that have been on the market. Two of the many products that can grow this beard are Firdaus Oil or Paradise Oil, and Wak Doyok's cream.

Firdaus oil itself contains chemicals such as Resorcinol, Alpha naphthol, Ouinine HCL, Allantoin, and so on. Of course, the use of chemicals has several side effects and there is a risk of user incompatibility compared to natural ingredients. The result does not necessarily appear in the first use. Usually, it takes 3 to 4 bottles to produce the desired macho facial hair.

But if you decide to buy the product and use it, then here's how to grow a beard using Paradise Oil.

1. Prepare Paradise Oil, then shake the bottle until the oil content is evenly mixed
2. Take enough oil, and apply evenly to the facial skin that has been clean
3. Let stand for 30 minutes, then rinse if it has dried
4. Use Paradise oil twice a day if necessary [IDC]


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