How to grow the beard

How to grow a beard? Why does not my beard grow evenly? What can I do to grow up where there is not? Are there recommended products to make the beard grow?
These are just some of the (many) questions that recurrently make us in relation to problems related to the growth of the beard.

The answer is often simple, take care of it and above all it persists, it persists again and has a lot of patience with it. A large beard is not a matter of weeks or a few months.
Every man is a world and that is why every beard is unique. There are many factors that depend on having one type of beard or another, and many of them are related to genetics itself.

The main main responsible for the growth of the beard (and many more things) is a group of hormones called Androgens .
Androgens are the male sex hormones and within this group are included hormones such as Testosterone and Androtestosterone.
It is precisely Testosterone, which is responsible for activating the follicle-stimulating hormone ( FSH ), which will ultimately be responsible for regulating the growth of facial and body hair of our body.
However do not be fooled, a higher hormone level of testosterone does not necessarily imply a higher density of facial and body hair.  It is rather the sensitivity (or level of tolerance) of our own body to changes in the level of testosterone, which will determine whether we have an overpopulated beard or a beard with lower hair density.

The why there may be areas of our face with hardly any hair while in other areas we wear an enviable beard, it has nothing to do with our hormones. Do not confuse hair density with the strength of the beard.
The pattern of growth and distribution of hair on our face (as in our body) does not depend on hormonal levels, but is determined by racial factors, and within each racial group by genetic factors .
And that, unfortunately you will not be able to change it, but beware, it is not a drama and it happens to all the big bearded ones .
If there is an area of ??your face that lacks a hair follicle , you will not be able to generate it naturally, but do not worry there are solutions.
Yes, all (and believe me they are all) the beards are so capricious , they will do what they think convenient, but you will always be able to use the following tricks and tips to tame it and be able to have a perfect beard even if you have areas without hair.

# 1 Let it grow freely (and pretty).
It will surprise you like a beard with bald spots or clean areas, it improves as the length of the hair increases.
Depending on where the hairless areas on your beard are located , they can go completely unnoticed with an adequate beard size. If you doubt, look at the previous image ... there you have a great example;)
Let it grow, that is, in this phase you recommend  (and we will never tire of recommending you) the use of a good oil and  beard tonic that will free you from itching and help you to hydrate both the hair and the skin.

# 2 Lavala with a Beard Soap with Conditioner.
Use specific products and quality for the beard , you will notice right away. A soap or shampoo for beard will remove all the dirt lodged in the hair follicles leaving free route to a more explosive growth of facial hair.
Always massage your face gently and deeply while applying the soap, and always opt for warm water by pulling cold , so that the freshness stimulates the blood flow in your face.

# 3 Comb your beard regularly.
A good hairstyle or brushing in the direction of natural growth of your beard is essential, will activate the facial blood flow that will bring a much healthier appearance to the hair of your beard.
If your beard is already long enough, comb it so that you complete and fill (at least a little) those areas where the capillary density is lower.
In addition a deep brushing with a comb (better antistatic one) of quality, will eliminate dead skin cells under your beard and will oxygenate.

# 4 Water for your Beard.
Drink regularly (without going through). A simple sensation of thirst is already the first sign of a slight dehydration, and before it, the body's blood flow is reduced (and if you notice, the cheeks are the first to notice it turning pale).

# 5 Sleep in key Barbuda.
"The dream is food" , I will never forget that phrase they told me when I was little (and what reason I had), and also for your beard.
Sleeping is key, it is during a healthy sleep when the body takes advantage to increase its hormonal activity.
Remember that among those hormones is  a great friend of your beard : Testosterone. If you want to help grow your beard ... Sleep in key Barbuda !.

# 6 A Beard needs a balanced diet
Your beard also benefits from a balanced diet that favors the production of testosterone.
From the type of foods that benefit our beards we will speak in another moment, now just keep in mind that foods rich in Vitamin C favor the production of the hormone friend of your Beard .
Watch yourself and maintain an adequate weight , body fat is your enemy as it tends to raise the levels of estrogen (female sex hormones).

# 7 A Bearded One does not get overwhelmed.
Avoid (I know, it's complicated, but do it as much as possible) tensions and stress, any stress situation forces your body to produce a hormone (cortisol) that inhibits the production of testosterone.

# 8 A Bearded man never compares himself to another.
Each beard is unique , pampers yours and learns to accept it as it is, we assure you that if you do it will give you great satisfaction.

# 9 Stop smoking, listen to us ...
Wearing a perfect beard is a great excuse to stop smoking. It is proven that the bad habit of smoking accelerates aging, makes the beard suffer , provokes a greater fall of the hair, alters your diet eliminating the diminishing the sensation of hunger. Without those "desire to eat" your diet will be more unbalanced. You need the vitamins and minerals that a balanced diet provides, your beard will notice (right away).


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