How to stimulate beard growth: 6 things you need to know

The relationship of a man with his beard is always a bit of love-hate: to grow a nice full and full beard is the dream of many; considering also that taking it long is the latest fashion, here are all the concerns on how to make it grow.
As we all know, the growth of the beard can be something really frustrating because the hair grows slowly or, worse, patchy. We are not talking about when they are the first times we pass through this ordeal - as a teenager it seems that the coveted beard no longer strikes. So how to grow a beard faster?

Here are some tips for having a top beard.

How to stimulate beard growth

What NOT to do to stimulate beard growth
Unfortunately there are no magic solutions, we must above all be patient and not run to cut the beard: an average beard growth time is 4-6 weeks, so cutting it first would not allow you to understand what kind of beard you have and how to best manage it. Cutting it frequently would only lead you to have stiffer and harder hair, but no longer thick or "faster" in growth: it is a false myth and, despite the first two weeks you will be very tempted to scissor, hold on until it is uniform. He is also wary of those who propose hormonal treatments: it is true that if the beard does not grow the "responsible" is probably testosterone, but increasing the amount in the body is very dangerous because its abuse leads to serious effects on the liver, metabolism, sexual sphere, etc. In short, better than not.

3 tricks to stimulate the growth of a bushy and well-groomed beard

Scrub and moisturizer against itching and irritation
When you decide to grow a beard, in addition to hiding scissors and razors, you need to take into account a certain amount of discomfort, given by the itch: yes, the hairs that emerge from the skin will want to make you scratch the whole face, but this can cause the hair follicle to fall and then ... goodbye homogeneous beard. Hold on, and maybe try to facilitate the growth process by having a facial scrub , in order to remove dead cells and facilitate hair loss; another good practice is to constantly moisturize your face to avoid redness caused by irritation.

Eat healthily! 
Another factor to watch out for is nutrition: a healthy beard is part of a healthy body, so what and how we eat also affects its growth, so much so that it can be an indicator of vitamin deficiency. What in fact maintains healthy beard (and hair) are the B vitamins, in particular B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 ??(pyridoxine) and B7 (biotin): they are found in abundance respectively in yeast of beer, dried mushrooms, fish, brown rice, but also in eggs and cereals. Of course, if we really can't get the right amount of vitamins we can always use supplements.

Pamper your beard
Finally, a month has passed: now you can get an idea of ??what your beard is like and decide which style to adopt based on your characteristics. Start making those gestures that will soon be a habit, comb the hair to direct them and apply a shaving oil  that will make them soft and shiny. The best time to do this is in the morning, after washing the face, when the pores of the skin are open.
You can also start cutting your beard , not to shorten it but to give it a shape: for those who are beginners this step can be difficult, so relying on a professional barber could be the best choice.
What if I have holes in my beard?
grow long beardThe good news is that it is the holes in the beard that are completely normal , the bad is that it is a genetic factor - did you look at your father's or your brother's beard? -, concerns the hormonal level, so there is not much to do. But if it's your "first" beards, don't worry! Slowly its growth will be more homogeneous, don't be in a hurry. In any case, if you find yourself with some ugly hole in the structure of the beard, the best thing to do is to let the hair grow around it more and then brush it to cover the empty spaces.

To sum up: to have a beard worthy of a hipster you need to have a lot of patience. It is not a fast process and miraculous do-it-yourself remedies are to be avoided; instead you have to take care of it immediately, moisturizing the skin of your face and creating the shape that suits you best.


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