What care does a heterogeneous beard need?

Tips to fill in the gaps and make your beard appear denser.
Christina Farazi  Christina Farazi
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Rule One: The hair on the face grows differently than hair, which lengthens constantly without stopping at one point.

Rule two : You can't cut the hairs on your face faster, but you can make them look denser.

Rule Three: There are three factors that give the illusion that one's beard is getting faster: the color - darker hair looks denser -, the diameter - thicker hair also than thin -, the density - thicker beard face fast, they do not grow faster.

Rule Four and Last : The belief that the more often you shave them the more they will grow is a myth and has not been scientifically verified.

After sorting things out a bit in your mind about what the length and density of the beard is, let's see what you can do if you have a non-uniform beard. Here are tips and tricks to fill the gaps and make your beard appear denser and even.

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Let your beards grow
As mentioned above, by constantly shaving your beards to grow, you will make a hole in the water. You will only get a beard if you let it grow. So get rid of the razor and let the hairs rest for about a month. Usually, within at least four weeks or so, most beards begin to unite and gradually acquire a uniform shape.

Don't neglect their shape
Do not hurry to get the trimmer in the bottom of the cupboard, as it will be very useful to delineate the shape of your beard neck and cheeks. What you need to remember is that in the neck the hair requires trimming and discipline in a U shape along the jaw that starts under one ear and ends up in the other, two fingers above the apple of Adam. Whatever you remove removes it with the machine or razor.

Keep in mind, depending on the shape of your face, you must also give the right shape to your beard. That is, if you have a round face, you prefer a square erase, whereas if you have sharp angles, it would be good to cast a vote of confidence in a more round erase.

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He diminished their longevity

To do this, use a pair of scissors to remove anything that flies instead of a trimmer, which is more likely to go wrong when you're not a professional. Remember that the shorter the hairs on the cheeks, the sharper the contrast of the empty spots with the full.

Give it a bold shape

As you know, chin, upper lip and neck hair grows faster than in temples and cheekbones, so it would be good to bring everything in the same length to delimit the area, giving it a bold, aggressive shape. And we explain: Shave with the razor the upper part of the cheekbones - that is, the gap effect is larger - forming a diagonal line that joins the ear lobe to the point that the mustache joins with the beard.

Keep face clean and exfoliate
Clean skin speeds up hair growth, so make sure you wash it with a mild facial cleanser twice a day, morning and evening, and once a week to exfoliate to remove dead cells, improve circulation. blood and facilitate hair growth and good health.

Try a product that nourishes the hair
A natural solution is castor oil, a vegetable oil derived from the seeds of the tropical Ricinus plant, used in cosmetics and shampoos, as it enhances the density and growth of hair.

Get expert advice
The best solution is to consult your barber / hairdresser first, trust his or her experience and see together how you can best camouflage the problem.


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